What is Pay Per Click?

It used to be that you had to spend a lot of money to get your business the exposure it needed to drive profits. Remember how much newspaper advertisements used to cost? These days, however, businesses can have a small budget and still find success online for their business – if they are using the right tools. Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing tool that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to identify their target market and offer affordable advertising online.


How Does PPC Work?

The beauty of running a PPC campaign is that you only pay for an advertisement each time someone clicks on your ad. Your customer will be redirected back to a landing page, product page, or shopping cart to purchase the product immediately.


How Can PPC Help Your Business?

Pay Per Click can help to increase the profits of any business because of the ability to target a particular market. Knowing your target market is essential and can take a lot of trial and error, and potential marketing dollars to figure out that target market. We can help you identify that target market so that you can get your advertisement in front of the right people, the first time. While PPC can be affordable, it only makes sense if it is bringing in customers. Spending money on the wrong customer base can waste a lot of time and money.


Pay Per Click is a Must for Any Marketing Campaign

Every business needs a marketing campaign. It’s a key piece in any plan for success. Businesses need to know who, what, when, where and why they are going to target a certain market. Pay Per Click advertising helps you will be putting your products and services front and center to the right customers.


Where will your Pay Per Click Adwords Campaign Be Visible?

Adwords is a product offered by Google – when you sign up for an Adwords campaign with our agency, we’ll be helping to put your products on Google advertisements. We can help you get featured on page one of a search. We can help you design your Adwords campaign in a way that will get you the results you want.


Why You Need to Use Adwords

When we think of selling goods online, we usually think of the bigger picture: we’ve got the whole world in our hands at the touch of a button. But have you thought about your local opportunities? In a city like Vancouver, there are multiple opportunities to engage people in your business – no matter what your business is. Adword campaigns can help you target local customers, as well as regional and international customers. But don’t forget about the potential of your local buyers. They want what you are selling, and your Adwords campaign can bring them right to your door.


How We Can Help

We can set up a targeting Adwords campaign that will bring in your dream customer. Need help identifying that dream customer? No problem. We’ll work with you to develop your target market so that your campaign will be a success!

We Grow You Online

We Make Websites Generate Business.

We Grow You Online

We Make Websites Generate Business.
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