**Disclaimer** I may not be held liable to any action taken to your Amazon account. This is a new marketing tactic and not yet well known.

With Amazon private label becoming more and more competitive, there has been an increase in PPC costs, an increase in ranking difficulty and more people lowering their prices to compete. 

When looking at my main keyword I noticed on Jungle Scout that one of my competitors was not ranking for the top position but outselling everyone. I decided to dig in further. 

After Googling my private label product’s main keyword I realized he was ranking for our main keyword on Google.

Here’s an example for “Stainless Steel Garlic Press”


See how that listing shows up first?

Having your Amazon listing show up on Google for keywords like this could bring in HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS of visitors every month.

This could bring in potentially hundreds of new sales for your item, without spending a dime on PPC or giveaways.

Why is “ORBLUE Propressor Stainless Steel Kitchen Garlic Press” ranking on Google?

They have links (also known as backlinks) pointed to their Amazon product URL:


How to build links to your Amazon listing


Blog reviews

-Reach out to blog writers in your niche and offer them a free sample of your product in exchange for a review on their blog.

-Join Facebook review groups and network with blog reviewers.

Links from your website

-Start a website for your private label brand, make sure to link to your Amazon product somewhere on your website.

Links from other authority websites featuring your product

-This one is the most difficult but most rewarding, find ways to have your Amazon product featured on big authority sites like media outlets, popular sites in your niche, or have your item featured somewhere. 


We have tested all of the above methods with great result, ranking on Google brings an increase of sales, and helps you compete with even more competitive PL items.



Ranking your Amazon private label product on Google is an excellent way to gain an edge of your competitors, bring in more sales, and is a great way to compete that is not based on price or PPC bidding. 


Want us to do this for you?

My team is looking to help 3 FBA businesses succeed with ranking their PL items on Google.

We would love to be the one to help you out, and bring your FBA business more sales and traffic.

If you’re interested in having us rank your Amazon products on Google, and bring you some awesome return on investment all you have to do is shoot me an email at or fill out our contact page here and I will get back to you with the next steps.

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